I sold my first website aged 18, and for the past 11 years I’ve worked in the business of marketing - mostly online, in one way or another.

Professionally, I run a modern marketing and advertising agency. I’ve been a co-founder and Director of Strategy, a Head of Online, a Head of Social Media, a Director and a Principal Director to name a couple of roles during my career to date.

I’ve worked with global brands like Motorola, Fitness First, Canon, Travelex, McAfee, Westfield, Vodafone and Nestle. Helping them to make things happen via marketing and advertising.

I have experience working with small and large scale developments, design projects, campaigns and communication strategies.

I once tried to buy MySpace, which worked out well. I built a small website containing an open letter to the then MySpace owners, and also a place where the public could pledge money to help buy MySpace. It ended up raising around $4,000,000 before I shut down the campaign. I’ve been written about by The New York Observer, The Next Web and a few others.

I started a project in the UK with a friend called 60million ideas. We pushed the agenda for social change, greater awareness of world ills and wrong-doing. We gained a bit of a following - over 5,000 on Twitter and plenty of eyeballs on the blog each month.

I write for industry publications, and speak at events - occasionally.

I keep some other blog posts over on Medium.

I enjoy music - rap, classical, folk and rock. I am a big fan of the NBA. I enjoy typography and design. I appreciate female fashion probably more than male fashion, oddly. I collect tattoos and coffee table books. I care about writing and the power of words. I believe Jesus existed and I talk to his Dad. I get upset by world tragedies outside of my control. I believe we all need to be far less selfish.

I am Adam.